For many people unwanted hair is an awkward nuisance.

With hormonal changes that comes with age and with the increasing need of our skin to protect itself from the effects of our damaged environment, the escalating growth of facial hair is inevitable.

Electrolysis, as a recognized method for the permanent removal of hair has been safely used over a 100 years. It is approved by the American Medical Association and is practiced by a licensed professional, registered under the board of Barbering and Cosmetology of the state of California.

I welcome you to explore Electrolysis as an option for a solution to unwanted hair.

I have been practicing Electrolysis in Berkeley since 1986 and over the years a number of local Dermatologists, Gynecologists and skin care providers have been referring patients to my office for treatments.

My upstairs office overlooks Monterey Market in North Berkeley, where gourmet food stores, cafés, and other specialty shops are clustered in one residential neighborhood, in a European-like style.

Free parking in this neighborhood is ample.

I offer consultations for no charge and evening and Saturday appointments are available.